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Where can you go to get help with the C-Suite?

If you’d like to master the C-Suite, and chat with leadership & experts in real-time, Csuites.Live is the place to be.

C-Suites Chat in style

If you’re looking for somebody to help with your leadership & activities & projects, then Csuites.Live is here for you.

These days, your typical leadership & team will communicate over Slack, or Skype, or Teams or a similar app. They might manage projects on Trello, or Jira, or Asana or a similar app. When was the last time you felt in control of your technology? Take control of your projects, your teams, your chat app, and your privacy. The Csuites.Live team is a bundle of collective energy and wisdom. You can chat discretely or publicly. WorkMates was built on the core tenet of chat with purpose.

Csuites.Live is part of the WorkMates.Live network for this very reason. We all love us some purpose! Find purpose in your leadership & pursuits, anonymously. Elevate your leadership & game for the greater good.

Get your Chief Kanban On

Complete tasks that live on a real-life Csuites.Live kanban board. It’s a great way to put some of your skills to use. Flex some of your leadership & skills at Csuites.Live today.

In the case of Csuites.Live, a typical public-facing community-driven project might involve rich people things. I don’t have access to this channel, but I’m sure they’re having fun. Maybe someday I’ll become a chief of something.

Happy Tight-Knit Teams

CEOs know full well the value to be gained from a tight-knit team, especially when it comes to their chat app of choice and how frequently they interact with each other. During the busy day but also before/after.

When you consider your teammate your pal you’re off to a great start!

Whether chatting about leadership & things, or just for fun, the right tool makes all the difference.

Csuites.Live and the broader WorkMates.Live network, wants to foster these kinds of relationships for its customers. Collaborative chat with purpose makes teams happy.

“Company of the people, by the people, for the people”

WorkMates.Live is a “Company of the people, by the people, for the people.” If ever one were to truly exist we would be onboard immediately!

And with that they are in a way giving away the company to a team of 200+ professionals, to the 200+ channels that make up their current core chat network, to the community at large.

That’s right folks, while WorkMates.Live is still in beta (until the end of 2021), they’re literally giving away most of the company’s equity to professionals currently being recruited (including subject-matter experts, chat room mods, even still some space for cofounders).

I subscribed, will you?

Do you want to offer your leadership & expertise to others? Send an e-mail to workmates.live@outlook.com or chat with the WorkMates team in the #support channel.